Safety Alerts 101

What are Severe Weather & Safety Alerts?

Safety alerts, available on your TD Insurance app, allow you to get advance, localized notifications about severe weather that's expected in your area, as well as safety tips to help you prevent damage to your property and belongings. These tips will have a link to online resources that tell you how to better protect yourself and your property in the event of severe weather.

How do I sign up?

To enroll simply download the TD Insurance app, follow the enrollment screens, and add up to two (2) locations.

Who can sign up?

Any TD Insurance customer can sign up for Safety Alerts.

What types of events will I receive alerts for?

You'll receive weather alerts for Heavy Wind, Heavy Rainfall, Heavy Snow, Hail, Heavy Fog, Flood, Ice Storm, and Extreme Cold. An alert will be sent based on the severity of the weather event for the locations you've added. In other words, we won't send you unnecessary alerts.

Do the alerts use geolocation?

No. It only sends alerts for the locations you've added (up to 2) in the TD Insurance app.

Do the alerts use mobile data?

Yes. However, the amount of mobile data used by Safety Alerts is quite minimal. Message and data rates may apply.

I'm enrolled in but I haven't received any notifications yet.

If you're enrolled in but haven't received an alert yet (and feel like you should be), try the following:

  • Check your mobile device settings
  • Make sure Safety Alerts are turned on

Confirm you've added the correct locations.

Why did I receive a safety alert after a weather event?

Weather can be unpredictable, so alerts are sent as soon as information becomes available. Please have your mobile data turned on to ensure you receive timely updates. Message and data rates may apply.

Will using Safety Alerts affect my premium or my ability to make a claim?

No. Subscribing to Safety Alerts doesn't affect your premium or your ability to make a claim.

To get started with Severe Weather and Safety Alerts, download the TD Insurance App on the App Store or the Play Store.

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