Going Paperless 101

Is my policy eligible for paperless?

Your policy is eligible for paperless if you are the primary account holder and are a policyholder on that specific policy.

Your paperless option will be removed for a policy based on any of the below situations:

  • You are no longer the primary account holder and/or policyholder (named insured)
  • You have cancelled the policy
  • You have requested it

If your eligibility for the paperless option is removed for any reason, we will send you an email notifying you of the change, and if applicable, policy documents will be sent by mail.

What are the benefits of switching to paperless?

  • Access your policy documents online and avoid the clutter of paper documents
  • Get timely email notifications when new e-Documents are available
  • You can also download, share, or print your policy documents if needed

How does paperless work?

Once your policy is paperless, you will no longer receive documents in the mail unless necessary. Instead, you can access your documents online via MyInsurance. The documents will be identical to what would have been sent by mail. You will get email notifications when new e-Documents are available.

Once I switch to paperless, will I still receive mail?

We may occasionally mail some documents to satisfy regulatory requirements or if a mailed copy is needed.

How do I enroll in paperless?

Enrolling in paperless is easy.

  • Register/login to your MyInsurance account.
  • Go to Document Centre or Manage Policies and click Document Preferences.
  • Edit your document preference to paperless.

How can I access my e-documents?

Once you have opted for paperless for a policy, you will be able to access documents electronically through MyInsurance. The documents will be the exact copy of what would have been sent by mail.

For policies that are not enrolled in paperless, the documents will be sent by mail, and will also be available on MyInsurance. An email notification will not be sent for these policies.

If I choose to receive my documents electronically, can I go back to the paper option at any time?

You can revert to receiving your insurance documents by mail at any time by simply updating your document preferences through MyInsurance.

You can also request a printed copy or download the PDF and print your documents at home.

If I make a change to my policy, when will I receive the new documents?

Documents should be available on MyInsurance within 24 hours of completing a transaction. If your documents are not available on MyInsurance within 24 hours after completing a transaction, please contact us to speak with an advisor for assistance.