Pink Slips Go Paperless

Gone are the days of rustling through your glove compartment, frantically looking under a pack of stale gum and behind crumpled up receipts, in search of that magical little piece of paper – your pink slip. Well, those days are almost gone. That’s because certain places in Canada have introduced electronic pink slips.

Where this new regulation has passed, drivers can now legally show their car insurance on an electronic mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Electronic proof won’t entirely replace the original printed copy though, it’s in addition to. Insurance companies will continue to send their customers the paper version for one year, along with the electronic version. Both forms will be accepted by law1.

But what happens if you need your insurance and you forgot your phone somewhere, or have a dead battery? Or even worse, your screen is so badly cracked that your insurance slip is illegible? It’s the driver’s responsibility to make sure their device can properly display the necessary insurance documents2. And also, why it’s probably a good idea to carry both a paper and electronic copy, just in case.

If safety and privacy are your concern, you can breathe a big sigh of relief. Your electronic pink slip will have special safeguards so it can’t be tampered with and cannot include features that monitor, track location, or collect, use or disclose personal information, without your knowledge and permission3.

This advancement is there to make life easier for Canadians and modernize the insurance industry. The government has plans to make insurance more accessible for everyone. Having the option provides choice for drivers and hopefully, a little more convenience4.

But before you rip up your magical little pink piece of paper, make sure to check the rules where you live. Currently, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Ontario are all areas that accept the electronic insurance as legal proof, with hopes the rest of Canada will be soon to follow suit.

Are you a TD Insurance customer?

Here are a few things to note with your electronic pink slip. You can get email notifications when a new card becomes available to you. That means you’ll never get in a sticky situation carrying around an expired one. Are you worried about security and protecting your privacy? When you download your TD insurance to your digital wallet, you have the ability access it from the lock screen to restrict access to anything else on your phone and also pause on-screen notifications.

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