Is a cracked or chipped windshield covered by your car insurance?

From flying rocks to an unexpected hailstorm - life happens. And so do cracks in your windshield. But did you know, in most Canadian provinces, you can get a ticket for driving with a damaged windshield? Which is understandable—after all, your vehicle's windshield is quite literally your window to the world when you’re behind the wheel. It’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure it’s in good shape and you have an unobstructed view in front of you.

So, a cracked windshield is a safety hazard—which means getting it fixed is important. The good news? Whether it’s a small chip or you need a full-on windshield replacement, your car insurance just might have your back. And if you are covered? Let's take a closer look at the ins and outs of windshield insurance claims, to help you understand your options and how to get your windshield fixed before it gets you in trouble.

Should I repair or replace my windshield?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It’s more on an individual case by case basis. A specialist will be able to survey the damage done and point you in the right direction, to either replace your entire windshield or fix the crack. Generally, though, if your windshield is just chipped, it should be relatively easy to repair. If it's a full-blown crack though, you'll likely need to get it replaced.

But whether it's a repair or a replacement you need, check your insurance coverage: You may not be out-of-pocket for the cost of fixing a small crack or chip. And what if you're looking at replacing your entire windshield? Chances are, if you have comprehensive coverage, you'll just need to pay your deductible.

How much does it cost to fix a windshield?

When it comes to the cost of fixing a windshield, there isn't a single price tag for fixing all chips or cracks. Instead, you'll come across a range of prices, based on the nature of the repair.

Chipped windshields should be less expensive to fix than having to replace the entire windshield. Once you go into a garage or shop and speak to a specialist, they’ll be able to provide you with options and prices based specifically on the damage to your windshield .

Where can I get my windshield assessed, repaired or replaced?

Alright, so a little damage has been done and now it’s time to fix it. But where do you go? You have options. If you’re a TD Insurance customer, you can visit one of our preferred shops or vendors or you can go to a garage of your choice to get the work done. Otherwise, a referral to a garage that someone you know or someone in your area has used before can be helpful too.

Is a cracked windshield covered under warranty?

Let's say you drove your brand-new car out of the dealership just last week—and when you slide behind the wheel this morning your heart sinks at the sight of a small crack marring your previously pristine windshield.

We wouldn't fault you if your first thought is, surely, this must be covered by my car's warranty. Unfortunately, this first thought would be wrong: New car warranties cover a lot of things, but not wear and tear—and chips and cracks in your windshield caused by small stones or bits of gravel are considered wear and tear.

Does car insurance cover windshield damage?

Even though you're not covered by your warranty, it doesn't mean you're out of luck. Depending on the type of coverage you have, your car insurance will likely cover small repairs and might also cover windshield replacement. Whether it's a small chip or a large crack that spans your entire windshield, you should always reach out to your insurance company to see if you're covered for the damage.

Are windshield chips covered under car insurance?

Worried about that tiny crater or slight crack on your windshield? Generally, if you have comprehensive coverage, specified perils, or all perils coverage, you should be covered for cracks or chips. For example, let's say you're insured with us, and your policy includes one of these types of coverage. You should be able to get your small crack or chip repaired at one of our preferred vendors at no cost to you.

But what if you get it repaired at a garage of your choice? In that case, you should call us to discuss what options may be available to you for reimbursement. Wherever you choose to get your windshield repaired, our claims process is simple. Plus, a chipped windshield won’t affect your claims-free reward.

Is windshield replacement covered by insurance?

It's important to fix small chips and cracks before they morph into a broken windshield—if this happens, replacing your windshield likely won't be covered. But what if the damage to your windshield was sudden and accidental, and not the result of neglecting to fix a small chip or crack? Windshield replacement is a bigger job than fixing a small crack, but if you have comprehensive coverage, you should still be covered—although you’ll likely need to pay your deductible.

Want to know more about deductibles? Here's a rundown of what deductibles are and how they work.

The moral of the story here? Don’t let a small pebble get in the way of your safety. Accidents happen, so it’s a good idea to fix your chipped or cracked windshield, so you can enjoy a safer, unobstructed view of the road.

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