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About us

Our commitment to environment

Building our environmental leadership.

In North America, TD was the first large bank to deliver on the promise of going carbon-neutral. In the process, we learned a great deal. And we continue to use that knowledge to drive our progress.

We understand that this reality is transforming the way we live, work and play. To become an environmental leader in the financial services sector, we are:

  • reducing our environmental footprint
  • providing customers with green choices
  • getting our employees involved
  • managing environmental risk

Our commitment to environment

Here are some of the ways TD Insurance is building on our carbon-neutral commitment to be a North American leader in the environment:

A reduced footprint
  • Better use of space
  • Less energy consumption (daylight cleaning pilot project)
  • Waste audit
  • Efficient car fleet (hybrid, low consumption)
  • Recycled paper (external & office use) and double-sided printing
Green products and services
  • Coverage for oil decontamination
  • Hybrid car discount
Stakeholder involvement
  • Green teams in each office
  • Interactive intranet site, employee awareness-building
  • External partnerships
  • Environmental steering committee
  • Green champions and sponsors
  • Performance indicators and measurement for ongoing improvement

Our priorities

In the insurance industry, climate change and the impacts of severe weather are among the biggest issues today.

TD Insurance has made these issues a priority. We will address them continuously by growing our risk expertise and by following through on our commitment to lead the way in our sector.

We will continue to work on employee awareness and mobilization, as well as being closely involved with communities.

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