Vacation Tips For Parents Travelling With Kids

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Vacation Tips For Parents Travelling With Kids

There’s so much excitement when a family vacation comes around. But as any parent can tell you, going on a holiday is not without its challenges. That’s why we made this guide full of tips to help parents plan their next holiday adventure.

Pack Like A Pro

A little prep goes a long way. Take some time to make sure you have your everyday essentials (like prescriptions) packed for the journey ahead. Consider having your kids carry some of their own essentials, too; that way they can have them at the ready whenever they need them.

Knowing what you need ahead of time can stop you from dealing with the stress of overpacking and having to lug around unnecessary cargo. It also frees up space if you want to bring a memento or two back.

What You Should Have Organized Before Departing

A little bit of prep can help reduce your travel stress. Here are some things you can do to organize for your holiday:

  •   Book your tickets for transportation, accommodations and attractions in advance to avoid lineups, sell-outs and other disappointments.
  •   Make a schedule/itinerary ahead of time – that way you know when and where to be, so you can get to places and activities comfortably.
  •   Carry your kids’ ID and necessary documents so you have access to them when or if they’re needed
  •   Look into backup activities in case your original plans fall through.
  •   Add to your own entertainment. It doesn’t matter where you are, kids aren’t immune to getting restless when things feel a bit boring. If you have activities or items available that can keep them entertained in places with no Wi-Fi or TV, you’ll be less likely to dread delays or rainy days.

Remember The Travel Part Of Your Travel Plan

Vacations are exciting, so why not study up on what’s awaiting you? A little bit of planning ahead can help you know if there’s an ideal time to visit a destination and what portions of your trip are good for having mini-breaks to recharge. If you’re heading abroad, this is also a fantastic time to learn about the culture you’re visiting. Get more information about the location you’ll be in and practice phrases you might need to communicate in the spoken language of the region.

Get On The Same Page

When you’re travelling as a group, it’s important to know what everyone’s expectations are ahead of time. There’s plenty of time ahead of a trip to explain to your children what your expectations are and be crystal clear about what they should do to stay safe in these new environments.

Choose Coverage That’s Ready For Adventure

Travel insurance can complement your vacation plan. It lets you focus on your vacation while knowing there’s coverage so you can make the most of your travels.

What travel insurance approach should you choose for your family vacation? It depends on what you’re looking for. Here are the plans and policies TD Insurance can offer you and your family.

  •   Single Trip Plan: This coverage option provides insurance coverage for a trip lasting up to 212 days1. If you’re the family that does “one big trip,” rather than several out-of-province adventures, this might be more suited to you.
  •   Annual Plan: Enjoy coverage for an unlimited number of trips of up to 9, 17, 30 or 60 days for an entire year 1. This annual coverage option may appeal to you if you're a frequent traveller.
  •   Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance: This insurance can protect you before you go and even during your trip. We’ll cover eligible non-refundable travel expenses like trip deposits and flight change fees, if an unexpected covered cause impacts your vacation

Both Single Trip and Annual Travel Insurance plans offer several benefits you may want for your vacation, such as:

  •   Comprehensive medical emergency coverage of up to $5 million with no deductible required
  •   24/7 Emergency Assistance worldwide
  •   Direct payment to medical services providers, where possible, for eligible medical emergency expenses such as physicians’ bills, prescriptions and accidental dental2.

Learn more about what TD Travel Insurance can offer you by visiting here.


TD Travel Medical Insurance (Single Trip Plan and Annual Plan) is underwritten by TD Life Insurance Company. TD Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance is underwritten by TD Life Insurance Company (medical covered causes) and TD Home and Auto Insurance Company (non-medical covered causes). Medical and claim assistance, claim payment and administration services under the Policy are provided by our Administrator.

Coverages may be subject to conditions, exclusions and limitations. Refer to the Certificate of Insurance for full details of coverage.

1Up to 212 days but not longer than the maximum number of days allowed under your Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) for travel outside of Canada.

2Eligible medical emergency expenses are defined in your Certificate of Insurance. Payment of eligible medical emergency expenses is subject to our Administrator’s approval