Winterize Your Car

There’s nothing quite like a Canadian winter. There's also nothing quite like the havoc that the elements wreak on our car if left unattended. With a little bit of preparation, there’s a lot you can do to winterize your vehicle for the ice, snow and cold that awaits it.

7 easy ways to winterize your vehicle

Getting your vehicle winter-ready is easier than you might think. Here are seven handy tips you can use to get your car ready for the winter ahead.

  •   Change your wiper blades at least once per year. The right wiper blades can do wonders for visibility and help protect your windshield from damage.
  •   Invest in snow tires if you haven’t already. If you have snow tires, ensure you check your tread to see if they're still in proper condition to perform.
  •   Check your tire pressure. Keep them properly inflated for winter.
  •   Check your antifreeze levels. Having the right amount of antifreeze will help prevent your engine from freezing in frigid temperatures.
  •   Keep washer fluid full so you’re not caught without it. Be sure to choose a low temperature windshield washer fluid for your vehicle.
  •   Take the time to make sure maintenance of your vehicle is up to date. This includes things like testing your car battery. No one wants to be stuck in the cold with a car suffering a malfunctioning battery.
  •   Dig out the winter tools — keep a set of gloves, a snow brush and an ice scraper in your car.

When you have your car prepared for winter conditions, you can have the confidence both you and your vehicle will be ready for the ice and cold coming your way.

Another great way to feel protected when driving this winter? Having car insurance that meets your needs.

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