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See how simple car insurance can be



Insurance for your house, condo or rental



Straightforward term life insurance that makes sense



Financial protection for you and your family


Flexible travel medical insurance plans


Motorcycle & Recreational

Insurance for your bike, ATV, snowmobile or motor home


Credit Protection

Coverage for your borrowed funds



Protection for you and your employees

Easy ways to protect your home and your things

    Whether you’re renting or buying a home together, the right insurance will help protect:
  • Your personal possessions (like furniture, your bike, jewellery)
  • Yourself — in case someone injures themselves while visiting
  • Your house or condo (if you own one)

Home insurance that fits


Provide money to pay for loans and credit balances

If money becomes an issue, credit protection helps pay for your:

  • Loans
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgage
  • Line of credit

Credit protection that fits

Protecting your family’s future

The right life insurance plan can provide funds to ensure your family has money for:

  • Mortgage, loans or debt payments
  • Everyday expenses including childcare
  • Your child’s education
  • Funeral expenses and taxes

Life insurance that fits


Protect your lifestyle while you recover

If you can’t work because of an accident or critical illness, protect your family’s income:

  • While you recover
  • If you need hospitalization

Health insurance that fits

Protect your new home and what’s inside it

Buying a new house or condo is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Protect your home, yourself and your belongings from:

  • Loss due to fire, theft or certain types of water damage
  • Living expenses — if you’re forced out of your home
  • Upgrades you’ve made
  • Personal liability — should someone injure themselves on your property

Home insurance that fits


Ensure your mortgage payments are covered

Recovering from a critical illness may mean a loss of income. Mortgage Critical Illness insurance helps ensure you can pay your mortgage by providing a lump-sum payment when you’re diagnosed.

Mortgage critical illness insurance that fits


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