Helpful Insurance Tips For Trips

Long trip insurance

As you prepare for your next adventure, there are some things you may want to have ready before hitting the road.

Here’s Why You May Want To Add Travel Insurance To Your Packing Checklist

It’s sometimes easy to overlook having coverage when you travel away from home, but having coverage can help you handle surprise medical bills and cancelled trips. When you add TD Travel Medical Insurance to your travel plans, you also get 24-hour emergency medical assistance.

Practical Tips For Yourself While Away

If you’re planning to be away for an extended period, here’s what you may want to consider.

  •   Make sure you have the right emergency medical insurance to fit your needs. Check your policy to see what is and isn’t covered.
  •   Learn your province or territory’s rules for what your provincial/territorial health insurance covers when you’re away. Also, see if there are limits to how long the coverage applies for.
  •   Even for minor issues, a hospital stay abroad can get costly quick. Adding travel medical insurance to your checklist could save you money.
  •   Get a check-up before you go. Not only is this an opportunity to get necessary vaccinations, but it’s also a way to know how you’re doing healthwise.
  •   Be sure to ask if the plan you're looking at covers pre-existing medical conditions and if there are any restrictions or requirements you should know about.

What We Offer You

Whether you’re planning a quick weekend getaway or are gearing up for a worldwide adventure, consider choosing TD Travel Insurance.

With Per Trip, Annual Plan and TD 55+ Extended Stay Travel Medical Insurance, you have options that can best suit your travel needs.

Still have questions? Contact us for answers or if you're looking for a quote.

Enjoy your trip and check the related articles for more smart travel tips.