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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Motor Home – Nunavut and Northwest Territories

Mandatory Coverage

Third-Party Liability
Uninsured and Unidentified Automobile
Accident Benefits

Third-Party Liability

What it means: If you or any other insured person is in an accident and your vehicle injures or kills someone, or damages someone else’s property, you may be legally responsible.
  • Your insurer will defend you in case of a civil law suit and will make any payment required by law on your behalf, up to the amount specified in your policy.
  • Minimum coverage for Third-Party Liability is $200,000, but most drivers choose $1 million.
  • You lose control of your vehicle, crash into a sign, and damage it.

Uninsured and Unidentified Automobile

What it means: If you are injured or killed by an uninsured or unidentified vehicle whose owner or driver cannot be identified or your vehicle is damaged by a vehicle whose owner or driver is identified but uninsured, you are covered for losses you would have been legally able to recover from the owner of the responsible vehicle, subject to the policy deductible and limits, and only to the degree to which you were not responsible for the accident.

  • An identified but uninsured truck runs into the side of your motor home in a parking lot.
  • You are seriously injured after an unknown rider rear-ends you in a campground and flees the scene.
Note: Damages to the vehicle caused by a hit and run is not covered under this section unless the driver or owner is identified.

Accident Benefits

What it means: If you are in an accident, regardless of who is at fault, this will cover a portion of such expenses as:
  • loss of income
  • medical expenses
  • rehabilitation expenses such as physiotherapy
  • death benefits and funeral expenses
Application forms will be provided to assist you with your accident benefits claim which will be processed within the policy time limits.

  • You break a leg in an accident and need rehabilitation. Rehabilitation and other medical costs may be covered as a supplement to any basic health insurance you already have, subject to your insurance policy limits.
  • A vehicle loses control, hitting your vehicle and injuring you. If you carry insurance, your loss of income may be covered, subject to your insurance policy limits.
The information and examples provided in this section are intended as general information only. This does not constitute legal or insurance advice, nor does it pertain to determination of fault. In all cases, you should speak to an insurance professional before acting. Your insurance policy contains limitations and restrictions which vary by province and may affect your coverage and/or determine whether or not benefits will be payable.