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Oil Damage

Avoiding costly clean-up inside and outside your home

Basement and garage

It’s a smart move to first check the immediate location of your tank (basement and garage) and any rooms near where your tank is stored. Look for signs of leakage, such as:

  • There is a smell of oil in your home or coming from the ground.
  • There is an oily rainbow sheen on water near the tank.
  • You changed your heating system from oil to electric and you did not remove or empty the oil tank.
  • A hidden tank has created a stain on your basement wall.

What you can do for inside tanks: basement and garage

  • A concrete basement floor is a strong and stable base for your tank.
  • If your oil tank is located inside a basement or garage, be sure it is vented properly to avoid the release of fumes inside your house.
  • Be sure your tank is properly located to prevent damage by vehicles or household activities in your basement or garage.
  • If your tank is properly installed, there should be no odours.

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