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Crictical Illness Insurance

Surviving a Heart Attack

Imagine: Greg, a 38 year-old, suffered a heart attack.

His doctor tells him that achieving a complete recovery after such a serious illness will require more than just throwing away his cigarettes. It will take time - maybe six to eight months - to slowly and methodically rebuild his heart muscle. But worse: his doctor tells him his present job as a sales manager will be too stressful, and if he returns to that job, he could have another heart attack. His doctor suggests retraining.

Greg can think of nothing but the time he will need for retraining. Luckily for Greg, his company will let him borrow money from his profit-sharing program, so he won't have to touch his savings. He'll use this money to support his family during the long and difficult transition period. Regrettably, most of us wouldn't have that kind of "windfall" to turn to if we were diagnosed with Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke.

Where would you turn if this happened to you?