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Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning means effecting the orderly transfer of a business, usually from one generation to another, in a manner that meets the needs of the owner. This type of planning involves understanding what the owner intends to get from the business through transition or retirement. Some individuals wish to hand over complete control, while others wish to stay involved. Moreover, the death, disability or retirement of a business owner can be disruptive to both the business itself and the family. It may even lead to the termination of the business. This can be avoided with proper advance planning.

Our national team of Account Managers, Small Business effectively plans for the ownership transition of private businesses. With our expertise in business succession planning, combined with our comprehensive range of financing options, we provide:

  • Certified valuation services
  • Advice on transferring a private business to a family member or third party
  • Retirement planning advice for an owner exiting a business
  • Advice on various estate freeze options to maintain control during retirement
  • Management of the investment portfolio to maximize after-tax retirement income
  • A review of the Will and estate plan to ensure they are up-to-date
  • Administration and management of private businesses that fall into an estate

The end result of working with the team of professionals in the TD Wealth Insurance Services is arriving at the solutions that best meet the needs of business owners. These solutions minimize the tax consequences of ownership transfer and maximize the value of the business assets and retirement income.