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Critical Accident Recovery Plan Plus

A Benefit for the Living

At critical times, a lump-sum payment can make all the difference.

The Critical Accident Recovery Plan Plus can help bridge the often overlooked gap in insurance protection — the financial needs of the survivors of eligible critical accidents. This can help pay for lifestyle changes and recovery expenses. The Plan can also pay a daily hospital benefit of $200 a day (up to a total of $73,000) for a hospital stay as a result of any accident.

What's unique about the Critical Accident Recovery Plan Plus is that it provides a "benefit for the living". If you should suffer an eligible critical accident, it can protect you and your family by giving you the time you need to recover from the accident. And, it can ease your financial situation, enabling you to maintain your standard of living while you rethink your future.

Here's how this comprehensive Plan can protect you and your family:

A lump-sum payment of up to $150,000

If you are critically injured in an eligible accident, the plan can pay an amount up to $150,000, depending on the severity of your injury or loss. Details of the benefits are outlined in the Summary of Insurance Provisions and in the Certificate of Insurance you will receive after enrollment.

Daily hospital benefits (up to $73,000 total)

The Critical Accident Recovery Plan Plus can pay $200 a day, for up to 365 days, for each day you spend in a Canadian hospital as a result of any accident requiring critical care, or any other accident. You can use the money to pay for a private room, TV rental, telephone — it's yours to spend however you see fit.

All benefits are tax-free. And Critical Accident Recovery Plan Plus benefits are paid directly to you in addition to any other insurance you might have.

Guaranteed acceptance for you and your family

As a

TD Bank Financial Group
customer1 under 65 years of age, your acceptance is guaranteed2. Your spouse can be covered for the same level of benefits, and your dependent children under 22 can be covered for 25% of the benefits.

Affordable, guaranteed premiums

You get all these valuable benefits at the affordable group rates shown in the premium chart below. In addition, your premiums are guaranteed to remain the same (unless they change for all group certificate holders).

Monthly premium
  18-54 years old 55-74 years old
You $7.95 $ 9.95
You and your spouse $11.95 $14.95
You, your spouse and your dependent children $12.95 $15.95
You and your dependent children $8.95 $10.95

(Plus PST, where applicable)
Note: Please refer to the Certificate of Insurance or the Summary of Insurance Provisions for a definition of "dependent children", "you", and "your spouse".

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