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Billing Details

Policy #12345678

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July 01, 2013 to July 01, 2014

Your insurance policy is in force.

2007 MAZDA MAZDA3 GT 4DR Jane Doe

Policy term remaining balances

Subtotal $2,462.00
Tax: $0.00
Current balance: $2,462.00

Additional fees may apply.

There can be a delay of up to one business day between the information delayed on the Billing page and our central customer database.

As a result of last transaction, the remaining amount due is $2,462.00.

This is not an invoice. For complete details about billing as well as your payment options, please refer to the invoice you received by mail with your insurance documents.

In case of discrepency between the information on this screen and the invoice, the invoice prevails.

If you have received an invoice by mail, please contact us.

Balance : $348.00

Date Transaction Type Payment Method Amount
Expand Oct. 02,2013
Payment Pre-authorized debit -$31.32

Amount paid for your policy (invoice) or outstanding balance

Additional Information

Amount: -$31.32
Fees:    $0.00
Tax:    $0.00
Total amount: -$31.32
Expand Nov. 02,2013
Adjustment $375.84
Expand Nov. 02,2013
Payment Pre-authorized debit -$31.32
Expand Dec. 02,2013
Payment Pre-authorized debit -$31.32

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This is not your official policy or invoice. For complete details pertaining to your coverage such as definitions, limitations, exclusions, billing details (including detailed fees and taxes), please refer to the policy and other notices mailed to you. Information may appear in MyInsurance before it is mailed to you.

In case of discrepancy between the information in MyInsurance and the policy and notices mailed to you, the latter prevail.

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